Foreign Minister Shahid has held a telephone conversation with his counterpart, Foreign Minister Abdul Momen of Bangladesh.

Briefing Foreign Minister Abdul Momen on the COVID-19 situation and measures implemented in Maldives, Foreign Minister Shahid said that the numbers are decreasing in the Maldives and Maldives is slowly easing restrictive measures accordingly.

Acknowledging the enormous challenges to Bangladesh due to the dense population and limited capacity, Foreign Minister Shahid commended the Government of Bangladesh on the success of their efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh.

Thanking Foreign Minister Abdul Momen for his personal contribution and assistance, Minister Shahid requested to increase the frequency of repatriation flights, in view of the large numbers of undocumented Bangladeshi workers still waiting to return to their home country.

Foreign Minister Dr. Abdul Momen assured the full support and cooperation of the Government of Bangladesh in the efforts of the Government of Maldives to regularise and repatriate undocumented workers.

Both Ministers also discussed the expansion of trade and commerce between the two countries, with a focus on food items, pharmaceuticals, personal protective equipment, medical accessories and river sand for construction. The two Ministers agreed that improving connectivity between Maldives and Bangladesh would be prerequisite and a direct shipping line between the two countries would go a long way in ensuring the benefits of bilateral trade for the people of the respective countries.

In concluding the call, Foreign Minister Shahid expressed hope that the Maldives and Bangladesh will always support each other and continue working together on bilateral and international issues of mutual concern.