The Foreign Service Institute of Maldives (FOSIM)

The Maldives Foreign Service Act was ratified by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on 14 November 2021 and entered into effect on 14 May 2022. The Foreign Service Act mandates the establishment of a separate entity named ‘Foreign Service’ in order to implement the foreign Policy of the Maldives. With the enactment of the Foreign Service Act, all functions of the Foreign Service Institute of Maldives (FOSIM) is now transformed into an institute empowered under the Act. FOSIM is now mandated to provide all necessary trainings to the Foreign Service Officers with the central aim of creating a professional foreign service cadre. 

FOSIM Programme and Activities 
Lecture Series 

FOSIM lecture series features notable local figures and aims to create a dialogue on issues of regional and global importance among the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Distinguished Speaker Series 

FOSIM Distinguished Speaker Series provide opportunities for experienced diplomats, distinguished speakers and visiting lecturers to share their unique experiences and perspectives on a wide spectrum of topics ranging from diplomacy; issues in international development and politics; climate change and environment; human rights; and sustainable development.

Orientation Programme for new staff

FOSIM organizes orientation programmes for new recruits that join the Ministry. The orientation porgramme covers a wide range of topics such as foreign policy and bilateral and multilateral relations, Commercial Diplmacy, Consular Relations and Protocol Etiquettes. Additionally, through the programme the new recruits are given information regarding the main work that is being done by the different Department of the Ministry. 

Skills Development Programme 

FOSIM skills developments programme is an ongoing programme designed to foster a set of essential skills required by Foreign Service Officers to function as successful diplomats. 

Stakeholder Awareness Session

FOSIM collaborates with other government institutions and holds awareness sessions on protocol and etiquette, dealing with consular issues, diplomatic immunities and privileges, International Conventions, foreign policy issues and other areas as required by the Ministry. 

Outreach Programme

FOSIM School Outreach Programme is an ongoing programme to create awareness to general Public school children and Government Institution on the Maldives Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy priority issues. It also aims to generate interest of teenagers and youth to embrace the foreign service as a future career path. 

Briefing programs for Ambassadors

Ambassador briefing programs are held to accommodate Ambassadors/High Commissioner designates to orient them on the issues and challenges and to share lessons from experience on how best to deal with these issues. Main topics of discussion include the basics on diplomatic practices, the Maldives foreign policy, commercial diplomacy, dealing with consular issues, strengthening bilateral relations, international conventions, multilateralism and global governance, diplomatic communication and negotiation skills. Ambassadors/High Commissioners  are also briefed on various aspects of budgeting and financial management, on reporting skills and effective coordination with missions and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Knowledge Sharing Forum

Knowledge Sharing Forum is and ongoing programme which helps with sharing knowledge and skills acquired through short term training opportunities and workshops by the Ministry and the Institute with the staff of the Ministry. 

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