31stMay 2011, Geneva;The Maldives today spoke at the UN Human Rights Council to make the case for the immediate establishment and recognition of a Palestinian State. Speaking in the context of the wave of pro-democracy and human rights movements which are sweeping the Middle East and North Africa and are resulting in the establishment of new democratic States, Ambassador Adam reminded the international community "of a people who would dearly like to join the growing community of democratic States, but who are denied that possibility; a people whose rights are violated on a daily basis but who do not have a State to petition for redress; a people who want to live in peace and dignity but who for 60 years have been denied their most basic right of self-determination. I speak of course of the people of Palestine".

Taking up the message delivered by the Foreign Minister, H.E. Mr. Ahmed Naseem during his recent visit to Palestine, the Ambassador said: "The Maldives believes that the people of Palestine have waited long enough to enjoy their human rights and to determine their own future. It is clear, if we are honest, that the only way to promote and protect the full enjoyment of human rights in Palestine is to establish and recognise a Palestinian State. It is sometimes said that "without remedy, there are no rights" but that could as easily be "without a State, there are no rights".

The Maldives therefore hopes that the UN will recognise, later this year, the establishment of the State of Palestine, living side-by-side and at peace with Israel".