28th September 2012, Male'; President Dr Mohamed Waheed said that the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG)'s decision to withdraw Maldives from its agenda was encouragement to continue to resolve our domestic issues on our own, and to uphold the sovereignty of the country.

The President made this remark while addressing the nation via Skype from New York, following the CMAG's meeting.

The President said that this decision of the CMAG was indeed a remarkable victory for justice, constitutional governance, democracy, diplomacy and foreign policy, and the people of Maldives. He also said that the Maldives would now resume its place as a member of the CMAG.

Reflecting on the change of power on 7 February 2012, the President said that the Maldives had faced a very challenging time in international cooperation, during the transition. He said that former President Nasheed's claims that his government was overthrown by a coup, had caused some countries to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the current government. Speaking in this regard, President Waheed noted that the placement of Maldives in the CMAG agenda was due to these false allegations.

In his address to the nation, the President further said that he had complied with many of the demands and suggestions from various international actors. He said that his reason for taking these measures was to uphold the national interest above everything else.