At a meeting held this morning on the sidelines of the 50th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of ADB, Minister of Finance and Treasury, His Excellency Ahmed Munawar met with his Pakistani counterpart, His Excellency Muhammad Ishaq Dar. In the meeting, the two ministers discussed avenues for stronger collaboration and mutual exchange of information and expertise. 

The two ministers discussed ways to strengthen bilateral exchange of information and mutual expertise, in building capacity in their respective sectors.

Emphasizing the strong ties enjoyed by the regional neighbours, Minister Munawar briefed Minister Ishaq Dar on President Yameen’s economic transformation agenda and the macroeconomic policy framework in the Maldives. He noted the strong recent growth of the economy, and boost in foreign direct investment towards large infrastructure projects earmarked by the government. 

Minister Ishaq Dar in return briefed Minister Munawar on the key aspects of the strong economic performance of Pakistan over the past three years. He noted the long history of excellent bilateral relations between the two countries, and collaborations at multilateral forums. 

Minister Munawar was joined by the Ambassador of Maldives to Japan, His Excellency Mohamed Hussain Shareef, Alternate Governor at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Mr. Abdulla Ali, Consultant at the Finance Ministry, Ms Maryam Rashfa, First Secretary at the Maldives Embassy in Japan, Mr. Adam Hamid and Second Secretary Ms Aminath Shazly Saleem.