Uz. Abdulla Humaid

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs


Uz. Abdulla Humaid was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on 12 December 2018. Since joining the Ministry, Uz. Abdulla Humaid has been heading the Consular Affairs Department at the Ministry. As the head of the Consular Affairs Department, he oversees and guides the department’s essential functions providing vital services and assistance to Maldivian citizens abroad.

Moreover, Abdulla Humaid holds the additional responsibility of serving as the acting head of the Legal Affairs Department at the Ministry. In this capacity, he brings his comprehensive legal knowledge and expertise to advise on crucial matters related to international law, treaties, and diplomatic agreements.

With a bachelor’s degree in Shari'ah and Law, a master’s degree in law, and a background in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Uz. Humaid brings a diverse skill set to his role as a diplomat and legal expert, contributing significantly to the nation's foreign policy objectives and the well-being of its citizens both at home and abroad.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fathulla Jameel Building, Malé, 20077, Republic of Maldives, | Tel Number: 00960 332-3400  |  Emergency Contact: 00960 798-3400