30 December 2015, Male’,

Speaking at the Contract Signing and Project Commencement Ceremony for “China Maldives Friendship Bridge” Minister Dunya stated that the China-Maldives Friendship bridge is a bridge of ‘dreams’ for many Maldivians. Minister further noted that the bridge is a symbol of the close and historic ties of friendship between China and Maldives. During her speech, Minister recalled the meeting between the Presidents of Maldives and China in Nanjing in 2014, where the bridge project was first discussed.

Continuing with her speech Minister highlighted on the government policies for economic growth and youth empowerment through creation of jobs for youth and promoting youth entrepreneurship.

‘The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge is one of the mega projects and indeed the key, flagship project foreseen by our visionary President to bring connectivity to the greater Male’ area and with it economic prosperity to our nation’ said Minister Dunya. Minister also noted the continued assistance from China to the socio economic development of the Maldives. “The Housing Projects, National Museum Building and the Foreign Ministry building are standing symbols of our strong friendship. The China-Maldives friendship bridge, once completed, will stand as the most important and significant symbol of the close ties between the two nations”. Stated Minister Dunya

Concluding her remarks Minister expressed sincere appreciation to the people and Government of China for the continued support, assistance and cooperation to the Maldives development projects and for the generous assistance and wholehearted support that has always been forthcoming to the Maldives at all times.

On behalf of the Government the bridge contract was signed by Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, from Chinese side the contract was signed by the contractor,