Foreign Policy Principles

  1. Sovereign equality of States in accordance with international law
  2. A rule-based and inclusive international system
  3. Non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries
  4. The supremacy of diplomacy in managing and resolving global problems
  5. Friendship with all countries based on mutual respect

Foreign Policy Goals

  1. Enhance the security and national sovereignty of the Maldives through increased bilateral and multilateral engagement
  2. Protect the Islamic identity of the Maldives and help to promote the values of Islam internationally
  3. Increase the economic resilience of the Maldives
  4. Promote greater regional cooperation in South Asia
  5. Provide quality consular services for Maldivians
  6. Promote efficiency and professionalism in the service


Foreign Policy of the Maldives (Dhivehi)

Foreign Policy of the Maldives (English)