International Organisations


The Organization of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS), formerly known as African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP), represents countries across Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. It was created by the Georgetown Agreement in 1975 and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. OACPS works with its Member States to achieve sustainable development and greater economic integration, especially with the European Union.

Mr Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoti is the current Secretary-General of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS).

The Maldives became a full member of OACPS on 9 December 2022. Since then, the Maldives has been working with the OACPS to complete all necessary steps and accede to all agreements of the OACPS, and has actively participated in its meetings including the biannual Council of Ministers meeting.

Recent Updates

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