Conventions and Treaties



Note: An asterisk indicates that a treaty has either expired, been terminated, has been superseded by a subsequent agreement or has been amended.
(Updated on 5 April 2023)

# Treaty/ Convention/ Agreement Date and place of adoption Date of Signature Ratification(R)/ Accession (a)/ Acceptance(A)/ Approval (Ap)/ Participation(P)/ Succession(S)
161 Constitution of Asia-Pacific Telecommunity 21 May 1974, Brussels 17-Mar-1980 (a)
162 Amendment to article 11, paragraph 2 (a), of the Constitution of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity 11/13/1981, Bangkok 28-May-1982 (A)
163 Amendment to articles 3(5) and 9(8) of the Constitution of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity 29 Nov 1991, Colombo 3-Feb-1993 (A)
164 Agreement establishing the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development 12 Aug 1977, Kuala Lumpur 25-Jun-1985 (a)
165 International Agreement on the use of INMARSAT ship Earth Stations within the Territorial Sea and Ports 16 Oct 1985, London 18-Feb-1994
166 International Telecommunication Convention 22 Dec 1992, Geneva* 28-Feb-1997 (a)
167 Amendments to the Constitution of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity 10/23/2002, New Delhi 19-Apr-2007 A
168 International Telecommunication Convention, Nairobi Plenipotentiary Conference 6-Nov-82 1-Apr-1985 R

*with amendments adopted by the Plenipotentiary Conferences (Kyoto, 1994 and Minneapolis, 1998) and entered into force since 1 January 2000

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