Conventions and Treaties


Organization Of The Islamic Conference (OIC)

Note: An asterisk indicates that a treaty has either expired, been terminated, has been superseded by a subsequent agreement or has been amended.
(Updated on 5 April 2023)

# Treaty/ Convention/ Agreement Date and place of adoption Date of Signature Ratification(R)/ Accession (a)/ Acceptance(A)/ Approval (Ap)/ Participation(P)/ Succession(S)
218 Charter of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Agreement Feb 1972, Jeddah 1-Aug-1974 [R]
219 Framework Agreement on Trade Preferential System 1990, Istanbul, Turkey 11-Apr-2006 [R]
220 General Agreement for Economic, Technical and Commercial Cooperation among Member States of the Islamic Conference 2 May 1977, Tripoli, Libya 17/Dec/1977 [a]
221 International Islamic Court of Justice 1987 [R]
222 Statute of the OIC Women Development Organization 2010, Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan 25-Nov-2019 [R]

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