Statement by the Government of Maldives Condemning the Opposition’s misuse of Eid -Al-Adha festivities to provoke hatred using “India Out” slogan

The Government of Maldives strongly condemns the disrespectful act by the opposition using face masks depicting Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the demonstrations held yesterday, and further denounces the attempts to spread false information through various platforms, using the so-called “India Out” slogan.

Such dishonorable acts by the opposition regarding one of Maldives' key bilateral partners and its leadership during Eid Al-Adha festivities, a time of peace joy and harmony, does not only provoke hatred, but also promote hostility with the objective of tarnishing the country’s long-standing cordial ties with India.

The strong bilateral relationship between the Maldives and India is based on shared historical and cultural ties, matched by dynamic people to people contact. India has always been the Maldives’ closest ally and trusted neighbour, extending constant and consistent support to the people of Maldives on all fronts.

The long-standing ties between both countries has been elevated to new heights during the past five years, with the strong commitment of the leadership of both countries. The Government appreciates India’s “Neighbourhood First Policy” and Maldives reiterates to uphold its “India First” policy and remains committed to cementing the close ties it shares with India.

The Government of Maldives urges all parties to act responsibly and refrain from such disrespectful acts and spreading false information that undermines the country’s relations with its neighbours and the international community.

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