29 March 2017, Male’;

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) of the Maldives has stated that the ‘influenza situation in Male’ and across the country is seeing a tremendous improvement’.

During the initial stages of the outbreak, preventive measures were taken to control the spread of the flu, including advising children and those infected to limit from gathering in public spaces and promoting general hygiene practices. The HPA has noted the rapid improvement in the influenza situation is the result of the cooperation received from the genera public, government agencies, and private sector organisations in implementing the preventive and control measures.

The HPA said in its statement that it would continue to provide vaccines for the different categories of people that have been identified as the most-vulnerable to the influenza.


28 March 2017, Male;

The newly appointed Ambassador of Mongolia to Maldives, His Excellency Gonching Ganbold, paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Asim today.

At the meeting held this morning, Minister Asim congratulated Ambassador Ganbold on presenting his credentials to the President and expressed confidence that Ambassador would reinforce further the bilateral ties and cooperation between Maldives and Mongolia. Discussing further on the bilateral relation, Minister Asim and Ambassador Ganbold exchanged ideas in enhancing cooperation between both the countries and reflected on ways for strengthening the existing ties.

The Ambassador assured his commitment to work with the Government of Maldives in strengthening the relation and assured to extend cooperation for the development of Maldives.  

Foreign Minister Asim was accompanied by Mr. Ibrahim Shaheeb, Additional Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Ahmed Suzil, Assistant Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


28 March 2017, Male’

In the second session of the Distinguished Speaker Series held by the Foreign Service Institute of Maldives (FOSIM), former Ambassador-at-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr Abdul Azeez Yoosuf shared lessons and insights from his long life of service in the Maldives government. Ambassador Azeez shared his personal experiences from his time as Ambassador of the Maldives to India and Sri Lanka, and advised foreign service officers to be diligent, committed and passionate about the work they do. He also shared viewed on how to manage the working relationships within the Ministry as well as in Missions, while encouraging foreign service officers to always focus on improving themselves.

Ambassador Azeez served the Government for 43 years in various positions, since 19 December 1968. Among various positions, he served as Senior Under Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as Director of the International Organisations Department. He served the country as High Commissioner of Maldives to Sri Lanka, and later as High Commissioner of Maldives to India. He retired from the Maldives Foreign Service in 2013.

FOSIM Distinguished Speaker series features notable figures both at home and abroad, and aims to create dialogue and debate on issues of strategic, and global importance among the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


28 March 2017, Male’;

The Government of Maldives has stated today that the vote on the no-confidence motion in the Parliament submitted by the opposition to unseat the Speaker was free, fair, and transparent. The Government made the statement in response to the comments made by some opposition politicians in the Maldives and also following the statement issued about the vote by the Embassy of the United States of America.

The Government of Maldives expresses its unshakable commitment to uphold the rule of law and democratic principles, and to respect the democratic decisions taken by institutions of the State. The Maldives Parliament, since its establishment in 1932, has been, and will continue to be, the strongest defender and the lead proponent of democratic values in the country. The vote in the Parliament yesterday was conducted in the most transparent manner and through a democratic process underpinned by the rule of law and specifically in accordance with the Constitution of Maldives and the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament.

The Government of Maldives is confident that the country’s international partners would respect the democratic decisions of State institutions, including the Parliament. The Government remains engaged with international partners in further promoting democratic values in the country and in strengthening the democratic institutions in the Maldives.


24 March 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

The United Nations Human Rights Council concluded its 34th Session today in Geneva. The delegation of the Republic of Maldives delivered 24 formal statements and actively participated in the negotiation of 41 resolutions and 1 decision, adopted during the concluding session of the council.