Voting in the election for the President of the Maldives continues, in compliance with the relevant Acts and Regulations, across 472 ballot boxes placed in the Maldives, and in four countries abroad.

262,135 persons are eligible to vote in this election. Almost all ballot boxes were opened by the prescribed time, and polling station officials present at polling stations. Voting is taking place in the presence of representatives of candidates, observers and monitors. 945 representatives of candidates, 2610 local observers and international observers from 11 agencies, and 3329 local monitors and a number of international monitors are active in the election.

Contrary to some media reports, the Elections Commission has confirmed that the same procedures used in previous elections, with regard to counting of votes, and announcing of interim results will be used in this election, unless changed by law.

A National Complaints Bureau has been set up by the Elections Commission to review complaints regarding the voting process. The Elections Commission has said that it has already responded to 112 of 129 complaints received.

No incidence of irregularity has been reported across the country, so far.

According to the Elections Commission of Maldives, voting time has been extended by three hours at all polling stations, to allow maximum number of eligible voters to vote.