10 April 2017, Male';

The Government of the Maldives takes note of the joint statement issued by the European Union, the Embassies of Canada, Norway, Switzerland and the United States of America, on 8 April 2017, about political developments in the Maldives.

The Government of the Maldives fully concurs that legitimate, organized, and most importantly, a credible opposition is a vital part of any healthy democracy to thrive, and that the opposition should conduct its political activities freely and responsibly, as per the relevant laws and regulations.

Finding amicable solutions to the issues facing the country today should not be a responsibility that falls exclusively on the government. All political actors, including the political parties, have an equally important role to play in this regard. In the past week the Government had once again reiterated its call for the political opposition to engage in the political party talks initiated by President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom in May 2015.

The Government would also like to take this opportunity to stress the importance and the need for the country’s international partners to ensure that the statements they issue are balanced and reflect the actual situation prevailing in the country. After nearly a decade of stagnation due to political disagreements, today, the people of the Maldives are finally starting to experience and enjoy the true potential of the unprecedented economic transformation taking place in the country. Attempts to disrupt this process, either directly or indirectly, especially for the purpose of achieving political ends, would be detrimental to the people of the Maldives.