7 October 2015, New York

The Maldives delivered a statement today at the UN General Assembly Third Committee on Agenda Item 28 which covers the broader dimensions of social development, including questions relating to the world situation and to youth, ageing, disabled persons and the family. During today’s meeting, Maldives once again reaffirmed its commitment to continue its efforts for an inclusive and holistic approach to development.

Maldives also stressed that people must remain at the heart of development, and emphasized, “The answer to accelerated social development lies in effective social protection measures, inclusive policy measures and equitable development”.

Given that 46% of Maldives’ population constitutes of young people below the age of  25, special efforts are undertaken to engage youth in all aspects of development, Maldives noted.

Furthermore, the Maldives reiterated its commitment to the advancement of women and gender equality. The country’s commitment to these goals is notably visible in the 2008 Constitution and the Employment Act of 2008 where equal pay between men and women is emphasized. The education of young girls “has remarkable multiplying effects for families, societies and the world – for generations to come”.