The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr David Cameron, in a statement to the UK Parliament on 30 November 2015, stated that he “welcomed the report of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group and the decision to put the Maldives under formal consideration and to visit there in early 2016”.

The Government of Maldives wishes to make it very clear that there is no CMAG Report or any other Commonwealth Report, which states that the Maldives is placed “under formal consideration”, and any suggestion to the contrary is not true. It is also important to emphasize that none of the documents issued by the Leaders of the 53-member countries of the Commonwealth at the Malta CHOGM made any reference to the situation in the Maldives. Public expressions in the media by some countries are not part of formal CHOGM discourse.

As part of its “engagement first” policy, the Maldives volunteered to brief the CMAG Ministers at the Group’s meeting on 25 November in Malta, and will continue to work with the Commonwealth in an environment of mutual respect.

The Perth Revised Mandate of the CMAG sets out the procedure that would be followed when and if a country is placed on the Group’s Agenda. According to the Revised Mandate, if the CMAG Ministers decide to place a country on the Group’s Agenda, that will always be explicitly reflected in the Concluding Statement that is issued to the public. A statement to this effect regarding the Maldives was however not issued following the meeting of CMAG Ministers in Malta on 25 November.

The Maldives remains constructively engaged with the CMAG and other intergovernmental mechanisms that have shown a willingness to work with the Government in strengthening the democracy consolidation process in the Maldives.