05th July 2012, Male': The Minister of Foreign Affairs His Excellency Dr. Abdul Samad Abdullah has said that a lot of progress has been seen in making the global community aware of the policies of the Unity Government. Minister said this at the Press conference held at Velaanaage Press room organized by the President's Office.

During the press conference held today, Minister Samad outlined the overall work and mandate of the Ministry. The State Minister of Foreign Affairs Her Excellency Dunya Maumoon briefed about the work being done in dealing with international organizations and also briefly highlighted on the bilateral issues. The State Minister of Foreign Affairs His Excellency Hassan Saeed Hussain talked about the consular issues. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs His Excellency Ali Hameed highlighted on the commercial diplomacy work being done at the Ministry and Permanent Secretary Mr. Hassan Shifau highlighted on the administrative work and also the works carried out under SAARC as the current chair of the organization.

Addressing the audience, Minister noted that their appointment was placed on very critical juncture in Maldivian history. The confrontation of the Nation most critical issued raised by former President Nasheed to the International community highlighting on the transfer of power on 07 February 2012. At the press conference, Minister emphasized the confrontation of new set of developmental challenges, including the prospect of competing in a global economy on par with larger and established economies.

At the news conference, the penal highlighted the top-line priorities for the collaborative efforts between the UN Country Team and the Government of Maldives and it emphasizes juristic system, environmental resilience, human rights and democracy, and gender equality.

At conclusion, Minister expressed Government's sincere appreciation on the positive role the donor community has contributed in the face of dire economic challenges.In particular heartened by the presence of the high powered donor presence today, proves the Maldives is on the right path to achieving its developmental goals.