7th October 2013, Male'; Acting Minister of Foreign affairs, Dr Mariyam Shakeela has condemned the attack on Raajje TV.Speaking at the Ministry she noted that the alleged arson attack on Raajje TV in the early hours of the morning of 7th October, Monday was a timid and cowardly attack that may lead to further escalation of tensions in Male'.She noted, the Government commitment to a full and thorough investigation and for ensuring perpetrators are brought swiftly to justice. She also pointed out that the Government would be giving high priority for the protection of all TV stations including independent and state media.

Political tensions in Male' has been rising following the contestation of the first round of the election results by candidate Mr Gasim Ibrahim of Jumhooree Party.The Progressive Party of Maldives has also submitted a case to the Supreme Court requesting for time to ensure a better electoral register and reduction of the scope for irregularities.The Supreme Court ruling on the matter is expected at 5.00 pm Male' time.

Acting Minister Shakeela noted the US call for ensuring that media remained free from attack. She noted the importance of freedom of expression in a democracy and reiterated the Government commitment to the fourth pillar of democracy.The Government of Maldives has noted many times, the commitment of President Dr Waheed to a peaceful transition and transfer of power in line with the constitutional deadlines.She called on all political parties and candidates to respect the rule of law and work towards a peaceful transition of power.