His Excellency Mr. Abdulla Shahid,MP.

 A Biographical Note

His Excellency Mr. Abdulla Shahid, MP.  Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1984 and soon went on to the Canberra College of Advanced Education, Australia, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science (Politics) in 1987. He rejoined the Ministry as an Assistant Undersecretary and after a brief period in Foreign Service, left for the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at the Tufts University, Boston, USA, where he graduated with a Masters Degree in International Relations, in 1991. On return home, he was reassigned again to the Ministry Foreign Affairs. The Honourable Shahid rose through the ranks quickly to the post of Director in which capacity he headed the International Organisations and Conferences Department.

 The Honourable Shahid’s understanding of national political issues became visible first when he was made a member of the President’s Advisory Council in 1990 where he rendered commendable services until 1994. He was subsequently appointed as the Executive Secretary to President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in 1995 which post he held until he was assigned to the post of the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in 2005.

The Honourable Shahid’s diplomatic experience, expertise and exposure and his academic background in politics and international diplomacy as well as the track record of his performance were among the key factors that favoured him in his appointment as the Minster of Foreign Affairs on 23 August 2007.

The Honourable Shahid has attended numerous bilateral, regional and international meetings including Summits of the United Nations, Commonwealth, Non-Alignment Movement, Organisation of the Islamic Conference and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, as a member of the Maldives delegation and as head of the Maldives delegation on some occasions.

The Honourable Shahid’s close engagement with politics began when he was appointed as a President’s member in the Special Majlis (the Constitutional Assembly) by President Gayoom in 1994. He was appointed as a President’s member to the People’s Majlis (Parliament) in 1995. His career in the People’s Majlis continued uninterrupted since then, and in, 2000, he was elected as the Representative of the Vaavu Atoll constituency. This is his third consecutive term as a member of the People’s Majlis and is due to end in February 2010. He is also a member of the current People’s Special Majlis by virtue of his representation in the People’s Majlis.

He has served at the National Security Council and ended his term as the Minister of Foreign Affairs on November 11, 2008.

The Honourable Shahid enjoys soccer andplays badminton. He is fond of writing Dhivehi poetry.

The Honourable Shahid is married with 2 sons and a daughter.