At an event held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the MoU was signed by Foreign Secretary Ahmed Sareer, for the Foreign Service Institute of Maldives (FOSIM), and Vice Chancellor Dr Ali Fawaz Shareef, for the Maldives National University (MNU).

The MoU aims to facilitate and increase cooperation between FOSIM and MNU on collaborative research, academic training and capacity building, and exchange of human and academic resources.

Speaking at the event, Foreign Secretary Sareer highlighted the importance of cooperating with institutions such as the Maldives National University, to further professionalise the foreign service. He also noted the importance of undertaking research on the international profile, and international engagement of the Maldives, as well as how various global issues impact the Maldives, and its foreign policy.

FOSIM was established on 16 January 2014, by President Yameen Abdul Gayoom, under the administrative structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the aim of promoting professionalism in the foreign service.