18 January 2016, Male', Ref: 31/2016;

  • Former President, currently serving a jail sentence, has left the Maldives to the UK for medical treatment.
    • Before leaving the Maldives, Mr Nasheed signed an undertaking to return to the Maldives after completing his medical treatment.
    • Mr Nasheed’s brother signed a document as a guarantor.
  • Government of the Maldives notes President Nasheed himself requested travel to UK, government agreed to accommodate request.

Former President of Maldives, Mr Mohamed Nasheed has left the Maldives this evening to the UK to undergo medical treatment. Earlier, the former President had requested the Government to grant him permission to travel to the UK for treatment, which the relevant authorities of the Government granted.  

The former President Mohamed Nasheed has signed the standard guarantee document agreeing to return to the Maldives, to serve the remainder of his sentence following the completion of the medical treatment in the United Kingdom. Mr Nasheed’s brother is acting as guarantor during his stay abroad.

The government of the Maldives would like to reiterate that the former President is a serving prisoner and must abide by the laws of the Maldives.  An appeal against his conviction is pending before the Supreme Court and unless and until the court rules otherwise he is required to serve the remainder of his sentence.

The Government would like to highlight that it was former President Nasheed himself who requested to undergo surgery in the UK. The Government agreed to accommodate his request. 

Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon stated: ‘It is standard procedure for any prisoner who applies to travel abroad, for medical treatment, to sign a guarantee. All prisoners who have travelled abroad have signed such documents as required by Maldivian law. This rule has been in existence before Mr Nasheed came to office, and has not been introduced in an ad hoc manner.

‘I am glad all relevant legal documentation is completed. Throughout this period the government has acted in good faith. We ask that Mr Nasheed and his representatives in turn abide by the agreement signed and agreed today. These are standard requirements in line with international norms.’